Heart failure

What is heart failure?

The heart, a powerful pump, is a specialized muscle. It pumps normally enough blood to fill the needs of the organism. All to alongside the life of a person, the cardiac frequency establishes itself on the rest to about 60 or 70 beats/ minute .

Sometimes a disease (as a heart attac or a virale infection) can damage the heart and reduce his capacity to pump the blood towards tissues and to assure the needs of the organism.


This is what one calls the heart failure.

The blood, coming from lungs where he is charged of oxygen, penetrates in the left side of the heart.

The blood ,next, is propelled by the heart in all the parts of the body. It brings the nutritives substances and the oxygen to the tissues of the organism and it brings back the trashs to the liver and to the kidneys where they will be eliminated. The blood returns next in the right side of the heart and returns towards the lungs where it will be oxygenated again.


Which are the symptoms of the heart failure?

You experience maybe certain of the following symptoms:


The questions that the doctor could put you

One can suffer from heart failure for various reasons. This is the reason your doctor will have to do a meticulous evaluation of your health state. Here is what he will want to know:

If you already felt pains on the chest (angina), if you suffer from diabbetis, hypertension or if you already had cardiac problems.


Treatment of the heart failure

The persons with heart failure almost always can be relieved while bringing changes to their life style and while taking medicines. Your doctor will choose the treatment that suits you the better.

The role of medicines in the treatment of the cardiac insufficiency:

You will have maybe to take an or several of these medicines. The doctor can equally prescribe you medicines that prevent the formation of clots in the blood.

The medicines will not act if you do not take them

The heart failure symptoms will not delay reappearing if you stop taking your medicines. It is therefore very important that you took each day all the medicines that your doctor prescribed you. When you feel better, you will be able to be attempted to interrupt your treatment -- do not it especially!

Important points concerning your medicines

Live with the heart failure

Here are simple suggestions that you will facilitate life:

It is necessary some to discuss with your doctor. If you suffer from a mild heart failure and that your work does not demand any important physical effort, you normally should be able to continue to work.

The salt can induce a water retention. Read well the labels of prepared foods, that contain often salt. Choose foods that contain little or not any salt (sodium or sodium chlorure).

A quick weight gain means a too strong water retention. Speak-in to your doctor.

If the symptoms worsen themselves, you must rest a long time. The rest reduces the request on the heart.

walks , swimming and bicycle are activities of choice. Nevertheless, avoid overwork. If you feel stunned or dyspneic when you done certain exercises, avoid them. Discuss with your doctor of a fitting exercise program.

With the intention of to restrict all effort, adopt a rich nutrition in fibers.

THE ALCOHOL in excessive quantity can have noxious effects on the heart. The nicotine can cause a narrowing of blood vessels, what forces the heart to work stronger. If you have difficulty to stop smoking, require a program from your doctor .

Use some pillows to raise the head.