The Statins’ Boom

Le Point – 19 Jan 2001  

Like Aspirin , for witch multiple propreties was descoverd progressivly , Statins ( drugs destined to combat cholesterol excess ), have showen other actions that overtake this goal. They have applications in cardiovascular diseases as well as in preventing osteoporosis or some senile dementia. Thus, cardiologists, reunited this week in Paris for their European Day, are talking about “ Statins’ Boom”.

    In cardiology, on the acute phase of myocardial infarction, the positive effect seems to be resulting from their action on the inflammation rather than on the cholesterol. Moreover, the use of these drugs influences the cognitive functions by augmenting blood circulation in brain. American studies have also shown that dementia risk is of 72% for patients with untreated hypercholesterolemia, versus 29% for those taking Statins.

    It was proved that taking Statins improves bone’s density in women, especially in femoral col. Therefor, they play an important role in osteoporosis prevention. One study evaluates 50% risk reduction of fractures after tow year treatment.

    At last, Statins have influence on immunity, which opens research perspectives in autoimmune diseases like insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, multiple sclerosis, polyarthritis rheumatoid, and psoriasis.

Write by: Anne Jeanblanc
Translation: Dr Al Loujami Mazen