Detection of extrasensory effect

on biological and physicochemical systems


Sivkov Sergei,

researcher in medical centers and universities of Russia, Finland and Ukraine


It has been known that energy exchange between a biological object and an environment goes on continuously and provides a basis of its vital processes. By the data of oriental reflexotherapy, every man has a certain store of vital energy, which much like blood continuously flowing through the vessels circulates through specific energy meridians connected together. A disease of an organ develops when a store of energy in relevant meridians is exhausted; in this case the treatment system is based on perception of a patient's energy chart as a whole since only such approach allows to elucidate a true picture of a body condition and to use most efficiently the internal and external energy resources..

The first attempts to study physical fields of biological objects date to the epoch of the Roman Empire. There are some data that medico Scribonius Largus treated the patients who suffered from severe headache by applying numbfish to their heads. At the end of the eighteenth century Galvany paid attention to the fact that electrical current could excite frog's thigh muscles.

The influence of solar activity fluctuations and geomagnetic disturbances upon a great variety of processes in living organisms were revealed by A.L. Chizhevsky in 1930s. In the same years A.G. Gurvich discovered an existence of a new non-chemical information channel of interaction between the biological objects. Since that time it has become evident that communication between living cells is effected not only by means of chemical products (hormones, neurotransmitters), but also by means of electromagnetic radiation. Gurvich not only has shown that electromagnetic radiation of ultraviolet range accelerates the rate of nuclear division (mitosis, wherefrom this radiation received the name mitogenetic radiation), but also has suggested an existence of a peculiar field inherent in living objects Ė bio-field. Later on, the studies carried out by Nasonov and Alexandrov have demonstrated that not only electromagnetic waves, but also low-intensive sound waves of a specific frequency band make an essential effect on a wide variety of biological processes.

However until very recently such kinds of effects upon a man did not receive serious attention because, in particular, the intensity of background variations of cosmic rays, electromagnetic and magnetic natural fields is so small, that from a physical chemistry standpoint any essential effect of such energy fluxes on the biological systems seemed improbable.

Nowadays there comes a new stage in the evolution of views on the mechanisms of low-intensive radiation effect on the biological systems. It is connected with the remarkable progress in the study of water structure and in appreciating the part it plays in the living objects. Water is not only a solvent Ė an inert medium, in which complex biochemical reactions proceed, it has a unique property of conserving the information on the processes occurring in it for a long time (memory). Based on the knowledge of the water memory, such phenomena as homeopathy, extrasensory and heliometeotropic effects can be explained.

Therefore the problem of extrasensory interactions between the biological objects from microorganisms to a man undergoes a new stage of development when a careful experimental study of this phenomenon is to be carried out. Some data can be found in literature, which confirm extrasensory effects (EE) on a man and, in particular, treatment of a certain type of patients. This raises a very interesting question as to whether EE can be studied on specific biochemical reactions, as well as on simpler physicochemical systems.

For this purpose the experiments on study of extrasensory abilities of Sergei Nikolayevich Sivkov (hereinafter ďoperatorĒ) were carried out in different laboratories of Ukraine, Russia and Finland. The operator was a participant of several series of quite diversified experiments on the study of EE directly on a man (in the course of sessions on correction of leg shape a remarkable change of heat production in the legs of the tested persons was noted) and on various objects of living and inorganic nature (bacteria, water and others).

It is well known that blood serves breathing, trophic and excretory functions, provides immunity, participates in transport of hormones and biologically active substances, maintains water-salt exchange and acid-base equilibrium, plays an important part in maintaining a constant body temperature and so on. Moreover, the blood is a sufficiently studied component of the body and a convenient subject to diagnose patientís general condition. In this connection the standard biochemical tests were conducted to study the dynamics of 22 biochemical values of blood before the operatorís action and after it. After massaging both hands of the patients, normalization of glucose, total protein, cholesterol, uric acid, seromucoid in the blood serum took place. The operator increased the content of thyroid gland hormones in blood of the patients with hypothyroidism. It should be noted that the values of those biochemical indices of the blood serum, which before the beginning of the treatment course had not exceeded the limits of physiologic norm, remained normal after the course of treatment conducted by the operator. The same was true for the patients with normal content of hormones in blood.

The study of the operatorís non-contact influence on erythrocyte sedimentation rate in man was carried out at the bioorganic chemistry department of the biological faculty of Moscow State University (MSU)named after M.V. Lomonosov. Observation of movement of the boundary between the settling down cells and the plasma provides a lot of information on a condition of human body, allows revealing the distinctive individual features of a body. The results of blood sedimentation dynamics analysis testify that the operator can make a positive non-contact influence on the whole non-diluted human blood.

Investigation of the state of free radical reactions in normal and abnormal conditions represents an urgent problem of a scientific and practical importance. Oxidation reactions involving free radicals accompanied by low-intensive luminescence (hemi luminescence) proceed continuously in living systems. The study of luminol-dependent hemi luminescence (LM-HL) of a biological material is a promising method of investigating the free radical oxidation, which forms the basis of many metabolic and physiological bodily processes. The peculiarities of metabolism, functional state under pathological conditions, an action of medicines, immunomodulators, environmental factors and so on, can be studied by the change of LM-HL. At the bioorganic chemistry department of the biological faculty of MSU the operatorís non-contact influence on hemi luminescence of the whole human blood was also studied. The analysis results indicate the favorable effect upon the blood properties, in particular, in old blood the metabolic processes are enhanced, and in blood being under stress conditions the anti-stress protective mechanisms are more conspicuous. Increase in lucigenin-dependent HL of the whole blood points to activation of neutrophils and to sharply increased consumption of molecular oxygen enclosed in erythrocytes. Operatorís effect on erythrocytes was also reliably demonstrated in the study of ion transport in blood erythrocytes of rats and man, carried out at the membrane physical chemistry laboratory. It is pertinent to note that the favorable extrasensory effect of the operator was demonstrated on the immune system cells too.

The most essential functions of the body Ė metabolism, growth, development, congenital transmission, movement and others Ė are fulfilled as a result many chemical reactions involving proteins, nucleic acids and other biologically active substances. In the course of exchange these substances wear out and breakdown, and new substances are formed.

The investigation of the operatorís action on the processes of biosynthesis of DNA and protein in the culture of human cells has been carried out at the functional neurochemistry laboratory of the Institute of normal physiology named after P.K. Anokhin of Russian Academy of Medical Science (RAMS). The investigation data have shown the ability of the operator to influence the processes of biosynthesis of DNA and protein in the tumor cells of the human body, which has been manifested in inhibition of cell proliferation and biosynthesis processes in the studied cell culture with different methods and different time of exposure. The most pronounced inhibiting effect on proliferation of malignant cells has been recorded in case of the contact action and the influence over the telephone line.

The operatorís influence on the growth of purple and green photosynthetic bacteria was studied at the microbiology department of MSU biological faculty. Statistically reliable influence of the operator on the growth of the studied microorganisms was observed in all cases. In other series of experiments non-contact influence of the operator on antibiotic chlortetracycline producer was studied, in this case the operatorís effect was expressed in the drop of the antibiotic synthesis level.

At the laboratory of the Institute of Water Problems of Russian Academy of Science (RAS) the assessment of the operatorís remote effect on chemical composition of tap water containing intoxicants has been made. It has been found that after operatorís action on water samples the concentration of inorganic and organic micro-components in the tap water decreased, the microorganismsí content of river water decreased too.

Water chlorination is one of the most common water antiseptic methods. Lately there appear more and more medical statistic data on stable positive correlation between chlorinated water consumption and increased probability of chronic diseases. When water containing organic compounds and ions of transition metals is chlorinated, free radical particles with a long period of life can appear in it. Having got into the body, free radicals affect cell membranes, proteins and nucleic acids. So, regular consumption of the chlorinated water containing biologically significant concentrations of long-live radicals may result in chronic diseases of different degree of graveness. The treatment of tap water by the operator results in essential change of kinetics of free radical reactions in water. The main effect of the influence upon water is faster decrease in luminol-dependent and self-luminescence of the tap water, which in essence means water purification from harmful free radical particles. Of particular interest is the fact that the influence on water luminescence could be performed over the telephone too, and in this case the operator could be at a distance of thousand kilometers from the object being tested.

Therefore the data obtained at various research laboratories allow the conclusion that Sergei Nikolayevich Sivkov has an ability to exert an effect on a wide variety of natural processes from free radical reactions in water to complicated biochemical processes. Undoubtedly, nowadays it is still difficult to say about the mechanism of this effect, and further probably more careful studies of this phenomenon will be needed. However it is evident that even now the operatorís potential must be used in various fields of science and technology, it can give an inestimable assistance in treatment and prevention of widely spread diseases, in making high-efficient drug preparations.

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